International Peacekeeping

Under the umbrella of the United Nations, NATO and other organizations, Ottawa Police officers are granted the opportunity to participate as mentors and training officers on international peacekeeping missions. The UN missions were established to:

  • provide assistance in the development of national police forces
  • provide humanitarian assistance
  • monitor human rights violations and peace accords

Officers have been on missions in Afghanistan, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Palestine, Sudan and other countries.


Mission Profiles

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  • A helping hand for an orphanage in Haiti

  • Haiti – A forensic perspective

  1. Haiti Police tent
    Haiti Police
  2. Infant on a horse alongside two officers
    Hippotherapy 002
  3. Officer posing with a family
  4. Officers with Canadian flag posing with children in front of a destroyed tank
    Malakal Bor June 2011
  5. Officer with melon vendor and child with a bicycle
  6. Group of children and officer waving hands in the air
    Khrtm Hippotherapy
  7. January 2010, 7.0 magnitude earthquake devastates Port-au-Prince
    Port-au-Prince was devastated by the January 2010 7.0 magnitude earthquake
  8. Haiti Orphanage
    Haiti Orphanage
  9. Canadian Disaster Victim Identification morgue
    Canadian Disaster Victim Identification morgue
  10. halls in ruins
    The effects of the devastating earthquake in January 2010
  11. major restoration of orphanage
    Peacekeeping officers began a major restoration of the orphanage