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What happens to found property obtained by the Ottawa Police Service if no one claims it?

a) The Ottawa Police Service auctions it off through the federal government organization, Crown Assets Distribution (CAD).
b) The Ottawa Police Service donates it to charity.
c) Te Ottawa Police Service stores it until someone claims it.
d) None of the above.

The Right Answer: The right answer is A. Crown Assets Distribution (CAD) is the federal government organization responsible for the sale, distribution, disposal and re-use of surplus federal goods. This includes all property obtained by the Ottawa Police Service which is no longer required for investigative purposes and goes unclaimed. All found property, excluding bicycles and vehicles, is held for a period of 90 days. Vehicles and bicycles are held for 30 days as per the Police Services Act.  If in that time the item is not released to the owner, it is turned over to CAD. In some cases, property obtained by the Ottawa Police Service may be destroyed at the request of the Investigating Officer.

Evidence Control Services

Whether it's taken as evidence at a crime scene or found abandoned on a street corner, Evidence Control Services catalogs and tracks every piece of property that comes into the custody of Ottawa Police Officers. The Section strives to preserve and protect property by providing professional, proficient and systematic storage and handling of each and every piece of evidence or property that is entrusted to its care. One of the most common pieces of property we deal with is bicycles.

  • To inquire about a missing bicycle or to inquire about other stolen or lost articles, call us at 613-236-1222 extension 5238, or e-mail us at
  • Get information about what to do, if you've lost your wallet.

To help us with your enquiry, please have the following information available (if applicable or known):

  • make;
  • model;
  • colour;
  • serial number; and
  • the date the bike or article was lost or stolen.

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