Emergency Services Unit recognized for their efforts in locating the body of homicide victim Susan Kuplu

Posted On Monday February 10, 2020
Kuplu search - cbc
Photo by CBC

Our Emergency Services Unit (ESU) was recognized by @OPSChiefSloly for its commitment to the investigation into the disappearance and homicide of Ms. Susan Kuplu. Investigators determined that her body was placed in a commercial waste container that eventually ended up at a local landfill.

On January 26, 2019, the ESU was assigned the daunting task of searching the landfill site where it endured extreme winter weather conditions and a hazardous working environment. In total, ESU members sifted through 6,000 tons of household waste.

On February 17, 2019, after 18 days of searching, their perseverance and dedication resulted in the recovery of Ms. Kuplu’s body.

As a unit, the ESU was recognized with a Chief’s Commendation for its dedication, professionalism and resolve to find and ultimately return the body of Ms. Kuplu to her family for a proper burial.