Survivor thanks officer: “That day she was my guardian angel”

Posted On Monday January 06, 2020
Defibrillator used successfully
Defibrillator used successfully

On December 5th, 2019 a 71 year old man was shopping at the Loblaws on McArthur Avenue when an employee saw the man clutch his chest and collapse. CPR was started while other employees called 911 and got the defibrillator. They delivered a shock and continued CPR while awaiting first responders.

Two Ottawa Police officers arrived to the emergency call first. They, along with an off-duty fire fighter who was in the store, took over resuscitation efforts and successfully revived the man. Paramedics continued care of the patient and transported the man to the hospital.

On December 31, we received a thank you from the man. “Due to the rapid and capable intervention of Cst. Renée Mathieu, I am still alive,” he said. “Quite often we want a guardian angel to protect us, well that day she was my guardian angel. I thank you with all my heart!”