Take threats of self-harm seriously

Posted On Friday February 07, 2020
Take threats of self-harm seriously
Take threats of self-harm seriously

On January 28, officers on patrol in the east end were dispatched to a call about a woman who was intending to die by suicide. The call came from a concerned person who knew her.

Upon searching the residence, officers found clear evidence in her home of her plan to take her own life. In talking to the woman, emergency responders learned she hadn’t been taking her medication or eating.

The woman voluntarily went with paramedics and police to the hospital to be checked by doctors.

Fortunately, emergency services were able to assist her. If someone tells you they have suicidal thoughts, take them seriously and call for help.

For more information about mental health resources, go to: https://www.ottawapolice.ca/en/about-us/Mental-Health-Unit.aspx

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