Community-Police Award Recipient Jamie

Posted On Friday November 29, 2019
Jamie Mailman

We recently held our annual Community-Police Awards ceremony and want to introduce you to the recipients this week. 

In October 2018, Jamie Mailman was parked in front of a bank waiting for his fiancée to finish work next door. While waiting, he noticed a vehicle parked close to him with two men inside who seemed to be looking at the bank that was closed. As another man appeared and began walking into the bank to use the ATM, one of the men in the waiting vehicle caught up to him and began following him very closely. Jamie believed the man using the ATM was on the brink of being robbed or assaulted.

Jamie exited his vehicle to enter the bank and as he did, he instructed his fiancée to call police. Noticing the suspect had his hands in his pockets, Jamie told him to drop whatever he had. The suspect then turned toward Jamie and started to walk out. Jamie attempted to stop the suspect but as he ran by, a silver hand gun fell from the suspect’s pocket. Jamie stepped on the hand gun to prevent the suspect from retrieving it.

Although the suspects fled, the firearm was recovered by police and the victim did not sutain any injuries.

For his actions on that day, Jamie was awarded the Certificate of Valour.

The Certificate of Valour is awarded to a member of the public or a member of the Ottawa Police Service for an act of personal bravery or highly-meritorious service that is of assistance to the Ottawa Police Service.