Community-Police Award Recipient Cassidy

Posted On Friday November 29, 2019
Cassidy Lalonde

We recently held our annual Community-Police Awards ceremony and want to introduce you to the recipients this week.

In September 2019, Cassidy Lalonde was out for a walk when she came across a man who appeared to be unconscious, laying face down on the driveway of a nearby residence.

Cassidy approached the man and attempted to wake him but soon realized that he was showing no vital signs. She immediately called 911 and followed the CPR directions given by the Police Communicator. Cassidy continued CPR until emergency services arrived on scene and took over.

Paramedics were able to regain a pulse and transported the man to hospital.

Cassidy played a vital role in saving this man’s life. She showed courage and selflessness in her acts.

For her actions that day, Cassidy was awarded the Certificate of Valour.

The Certificate of Valour is awarded to a member of the public or a member of the Ottawa Police Service for an act of personal bravery or highly-meritorious service that is of assistance to the Ottawa Police Service.