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Posted On Wednesday April 28, 2021
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, April 28, 2021   2:00pm    

(Ottawa) — Frontline patrol officers and members of the Marine, Dive, and Trails Unit (MDT) continue education and enforcement with drivers of off-road vehicles and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) throughout rural areas.

Since early April, our focus is on ensuring that riders are following applicable laws, respecting the trails, and enjoying their vehicles safely. More specifically, ensuring that off-road vehicles are being operated off-road and in authorized areas. 

In the past weeks, Ottawa Police officers have responded to three collisions involving off-road vehicles and vehicles on the roadway, some of these were fatal.

When driving your off-road vehicle on a trail, you would not expect and would not be prepared to react to a tractor trailer crossing your path. The same applies if you decide to drive your off-road vehicle on the roadway. Not only is it unsafe, but it is illegal under both the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and City of Ottawa By-law No. 2019-421.

The Ottawa Police urges off-road vehicle operators to stay off the roadway and use their vehicles safely in permitted trails and properties.

Some safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Wear an approved helmet and appropriate protective clothing.
  • Take a course to learn proper off-road vehicle operation and maintenance. Visit the Canada Safety Council for a list of available courses.
  • Read your owner’s manual before operating your off-road vehicle and be sure to follow safe operating procedures.
  • Do not consume alcohol or drugs prior to or during operation of your off-road vehicle
  • Do not operate your off-road vehicle at excessive speeds.
  • Choose appropriate speeds based on the terrain, visibility, conditions and your experience.

Visit the Canadian Quad Council’s website for training and accredited courses, as well as additional safety information at

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, April 9, 2021     7:20am

Rural area Off-Road vehicles Safety Project

(Ottawa) – The Ottawa Police Service trail officers will be focusing enforcement on off-road vehicles throughout the rural areas this weekend to ensure riders are following applicable laws, respecting the trails and enjoying their vehicles safely.

The safety project, organized by the Marine, Dive and Trails Unit (MDT), will take place over the next few weekends throughout the rural areas and is in response to community concerns.  Police have received numerous complaints regarding off-road vehicles being operated on prohibited roadways and properties.

The MDT would like to remind off-road vehicle operators that both the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and City of Ottawa By-law No. 2019-421 prohibit the operation of such vehicles on municipal roads. The only exception to this is a limited number of roads identified here and located in Osgoode (Ward 20).

In order to use these roads, you need to be a member of the Nation Valley All-Terrain Vehicle Club (NVATVC).

If you are operating your off-road vehicle on private property, please ensure that you are the owner or that you have obtained prior permission from the owner.

For more information and safety tips visit

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