Constable Kewei Xiao: Opening myself up to new experiences has been rewarding

Posted On Friday May 28, 2021
Constable Kewei Xiao
Opening myself up to new experiences has been rewarding

I grew up in Hunan Province, China. At the time, many families sent their children to study abroad. Canada was chosen by my parents with no specific reason. At the age of 17, I arrived in Canada and studied at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. 

Although I spoke English, everything was new to me. I liked Canada for the beauty of the geography, its large natural spaces and the nice people. After many years of studying and living here, I decided to stay. My parents were okay with my decision. They said, it was my life and I should do what I want.

While working in the Information Technology field, I met friends who were police officers. I had an opportunity to see how Canadian policing is different than Chinese policing. Officers on patrol, conducting proactive work on the street and responding to calls when they come in. In China at that time, proactive policing was rare, and it was more reactive policing.

I joined the Fredericton Police Service Auxiliary and explored more about policing. I, like most other boys, had a childhood dream to become either a soldier or police officer.

A friend recommended I apply to Ottawa Police Service and I was hired in 2011.

The thing I like most about policing is dealing with people. When I help someone and they give me a smile, that makes my day. Working in the Partner Assault Section, we deal with people who are sometimes vulnerable in their relationship and afraid to speak up, and some victims have no trust in police.

I recently had a case where the victim had a negative view of police, partly based on past experiences and she told me as much. I did my best to help her.  At the end, she told me my actions made her change her view about police.

I’m glad I embraced change and made the choices I have. I think being open to opportunities makes me a better police officer, husband, father and friend.