Safer Internet Day

Posted On Tuesday February 11, 2020
Constable Sarah Marcantonio, School Resource Officer

“I tell the kids in the schools I work with, the importance of what they choose to share on the internet. Once it’s sent you can’t take it back. The mistakes we make on the internet can affect us in the short-term, but also into the future. Our digital footprint can’t always be erased even when we delete things. It can affect getting a job or being accepted into a college or university. Parents, talk to your kids openly about staying safe on the internet. Talk about the consequences of the misuse of the internet and make sure they know you are there for them no matter what they do! In my career I’ve seen a few young girls being lured into human trafficking not knowing that this could happen to them. These are situations that can become very dangerous, leaving scars for life. The police are here to help and to protect your family if you ever find yourself in this situation.” ~ Constable Sarah Marcantonio, School Resource Officer