Community-Police Award Recipient Sheila

Posted On Friday November 29, 2019

We recently held our annual Community-Police Awards ceremony and want to introduce you to the recipients this week.

In February 2018, an officer attended Sheila Joly’s workplace to inform the employees of a missing person who was known to frequent their business. The man was elderly and suffered from dementia.

The same day, Sheila was on her way home from work when she spotted the missing man walking. She took it upon herself to drive him home safely.

This incident highlights the important role engaged community members play in assisting the Ottawa Police Service.

For her actions that day, Sheila was awarded the Certificate of Merit.

The Certificate of Merit is awarded to a member of the public or a member of the Ottawa Police Service for an act of unselfish assistance or demonstration of unique concern for the safety and well-being of another individual or the community.