Community-Police Award Recipients Krista, Megan, Nancy and Joseph

Posted On Friday November 29, 2019
Krista Stuart

We recently held our annual Community-Police Awards ceremony and want to introduce you to the recipients this week.

In February, 2019, Krista Stuart, along with Megan, Nancy and Joseph Macphee were approached by a distressed couple looking for their 7-yr-old daughter who had disappeared near the Dow’s Lake Pavilion. Without hesitation, the group began to search for the girl before police had even arrived on scene. They searched the canal for over an hour and finally located the lost girl close to the University of Ottawa—quite a distance from where she was last seen. They stayed with frightened girl until they were able to flag down officers and reunite her with her family.

For their selfless act, Krista, Megan, Nancy and Joseph received the Certificate of Merit award.

The Certificate of Merit is awarded to a member of the public or a member of the Ottawa Police Service for an act of unselfish assistance or demonstration of unique concern for the safety and well-being of another individual or the community.