Carol Macpherson – Focusing on my abilities, not my limitations

Posted On Friday March 26, 2021

I joined the Gloucester Police in 1990, with no aspirations of being a police officer. I knew I wasn’t brave enough to do what they do. With a degree in Mass Communications, I wanted to work in media relations. I started as a report taker working shiftwork. Two years later, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Immediately, my supervisors asked what they could do for me. I explained a regular sleep schedule would help me battle the chronic fatigue that comes with this disease. Without hesitation, they changed my hours to accommodate me. In 1998, I got my chance to join the Ottawa Police’s media relations team. I’ve enjoyed the work immensely. It enables me to get information to the public they need to be safe and I think my work helps the officers do their job too. It would never have happened though, if not for the support and progressive thinking of our police service. I would have had to quit because of the shift work, never getting the chance to do this job. No one wants to be defined by a disease. I’m a wife, mother, artist and active volunteer. I’m grateful to OPS for seeing the value of my contributions instead of my limitations.