What did they do before policing? Military, national champion basketball player, mortgage broker and more!

Posted On Wednesday December 04, 2019

Last week, our latest class of new recruits graduated from the Ontario Police College. Life experience is one of the most valuable assets of all new recruits.

In many cases, people go to school and begin to work, but struggle with their true purpose. Later, they discover and follow their true passion for policing as a means to help people and have an exciting career to boot! Many find their way to policing as a second or third career.

In this class we have ex-military, mortgage broker, special needs teacher, Ottawa Police Special Constable, national champion basketball player, Ottawa Police dispatcher, construction sales, Team Canada athlete, CSIS covert agent, international Canadian responder with global affairs and an arborist.

Speaking of life experience, a few of our recruits grew up in social housing and have unique insight into a less than ideal childhood but through their resiliency managed to overcome all obstacles and successfully became police officers—determined to give back. Also, this class was 41% female! Additional languages spoken by the group include Filipino, French, Arabic, Mandarin and American Sign Language.

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