Update on Storm Response

Posted On Sunday May 22, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sunday, May 22, 2022   9:15 am

(Ottawa) – The Ottawa Police Service maintained enhanced operations in the most storm-affected areas of the City last night.

Uniformed patrols were increased in most affected areas and will continue.

Officers are aware that some individuals are without cellphones/communications so they are directly engaging with people to understand if they need help.

There were few incidents to report.

Officers responded to a break and enter in progress in the 1600 block of Merivale Rd. just before 11 p.m. and arrested an individual exiting a building. 

Drive Safely

Driving and travel are still difficult in many parts of the City with multiple road closures.

Treat downed traffic lights as four-way stops.

Avoid travel if possible and be aware of debris and live wires.

There are work crews, emergency responders, and others on the roads. Be aware of other road users.

Multiple road closures and infrastructure replacement will continue for days.

Please reserve the use of 911 for situations where there is a risk to public safety, life-threatening emergencies, and crimes in progress.

Death investigation

The investigation into the death of a man on a golf course in the west end of the city continues. A tree fell on the 59-year-old man at a golf course on the 7800 block of Golf Club Way. 

The man’s family has been notified. 



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 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Saturday, May 21, 2022  6:00 pm

Storm Damage and Response Update

(Ottawa) – Ottawa Police and emergency crews are working to respond to City-wide damage caused by a significant storm that moved through the Ottawa area this afternoon.

Police continue to coordinate with City of Ottawa, Hydro Ottawa and Ottawa Fire and Paramedics in the response.

All available police resources are on the road and more police have been called in. Police and crews are assisting injured or trapped people and checking on the well-being of others.

Do not travel if you can avoid it and drive according to road conditions. Treat downed traffic lights as four way stops.

Reminder: 911 is for emergencies. Officers and emergency responders are working to respond to highest priority calls.

Please do not call 911 to report downed power lines, unless there are injuries.

Call 311 for downed trees.

Significant Calls for Service

  • Major injuries to an individual in the west end of the city. 
  • One barn destroyed in west end.
  • 40 vehicles were stuck on Woodroffe due to fallen power lines (Resolved).
  • Roof blown off a home in the west end (Resolved).
  • Gas leak on the 2000 block of St. Joseph Boulevard.
  • Gas leak on the 200 block of Presland Road.
  • Multiple individuals were trapped in vehicles due to live wires on roads throughout the city. 
  • 174 eastbound is closed at Trim Road due to lives wires. 

Downed Power Lines

If there is a downed power line with no injuries and no risk to public safety, please report it via the police non emergency number at 613.236.1222 as well as contacting your local hydro company. 

Please reserve the use of 911 to situations where there is a risk to public safety, life threatening emergencies and crimes in progress. 

We are prioritizing what we are responding to and unable to dispatch calls for downed lines without injuries/persons trapped at this time. We will be as soon as we have the resources.

 If you know of a vulnerable person or are concerned about a neighbour – and if it is safe to do so -- please check on them to ensure they are ok.

Please follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/OttawaPolice for all the latest updates.



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