Officer doing late night proactive patrol saves woman’s life

Posted On Wednesday May 27, 2020
Officer doing late night proactive patrol saves woman’s life
Officer doing late night proactive patrol saves woman’s life


During the early morning hours of May 21, an Ottawa Police Service (OPS) patrol Sergeant was driving through the high-tech business area in Kanata, ensuring everything was secure when he thought he saw something in a secluded area off Terry Fox Drive.

“I noticed what might be a vehicle a fair distance down the Richardson Side Road trail as I drove by, so I turned around to take a closer look,” said the officer, who has eighteen years' experience with the Ottawa Police Service.

He drove his vehicle down the trail and located a car. It wasn’t running, but he noted condensation on the windows, indicating someone was inside. Not knowing the circumstances, the officer called dispatch to have second unit attend.

Approaching the vehicle from the front, he saw a woman in the driver’s seat. Her head was tilted backwards and she appeared unconscious. He also saw what he thought appeared to be pill residue on the side of her mouth. The vehicle was locked but from the outside he saw a pill container and loose pills on the passenger front seat. All signs pointed towards an overdose.

He banged on the window and was able to awaken the woman, who despite being dazed and disoriented, managed to unlock the car doors.

Paramedics arrived and treated the woman and transported her to hospital.

The officer’s actions may have saved the woman’s life. The officer, who asked not to be named, says he was just doing his job.

“Being on patrol means I don’t just go to calls I’m dispatched to, I’m always on the lookout for anything that may affect the safety and security of our residents,” he said. “I’m glad I was there when I was and that she is getting the help she needs.” 

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