Welcome to our newest canines, Kika and Nero

Posted On Wednesday January 15, 2020
Cst Montgomery and Nero
Cst Montgomery and Nero

Let’s give a warm belly rub welcoming our newest canines, Kika and Nero, who joined the OPS in December.

Kika (2 yrs) and Nero (1 yr) come to us from eastern Europe from strong blood lines of dogs bred specifically for the type of work they do.

Don’t feel bad for a working canine; their life is a giant game of hide and seek. In what other career do you get to play all… day… long?!

Cst. Stephane Richard, an experienced canine handler, is paired with Kika and Cst. Kris Montgomery, the newest member of the Canine Unit, is paired with Nero.

The bond between the handler and the canine is strong and usually their partnership extends into the canine’s retirement from active duty.

Cst. Richard has a retired canine living his best life at home, as well as a small lab used specifically to sniff out explosive devices. You may have seen them working at large-scale events like festivals, football games or concerts.

Dog lovers frequently like to pet dogs they see in public. These dogs should not be approached for petting. It’s important to remember that the canine is working and shouldn’t be interrupted. The same goes for trying to engage the handler in conversation. Although they are friendly folks, they are working too, leading the dog in the task they need to complete.

Although canines undergo thorough training, the handler tries to minimize disruptions that divert the canine’s attention away from their work.

At the end of a long day of tracking or patrolling, all of our canines go home with their handler and get rewarded with lots of praise and their favourite toy.