Officers’ good sense leads to an unexpected discovery

Posted On Friday November 08, 2019

This past weekend, officers did their best to bring kindness and compassion to a tragic situation. They were called to a home in the east end where a woman collapsed after knocking on a stranger’s door. When officers arrived, Constables Gurprit Dhaliwal, Cristian Malurica and Shawn Jones tried to resuscitate the woman; but sadly, she passed away from an apparent heart attack in hospital.

While one officer attended the hospital, the other two officers kept investigating to determine how the woman got there. They searched the area and came across an SUV that was parked crooked in a nearby driveway. The registered owner turned out to be the woman who had been taken to hospital. They looked inside to find a toddler sound asleep and safely secured in a car seat, none the wiser that anything had happened. The toddler had been spending some quality time with their grandmother when tragedy struck.

Officers woke the child and brought them to a warm police cruiser. The toddler was cared for and entertained by cartoons on one of the officer’s cell phones until a family member arrived to take over. The officers then returned the woman’s car to her family and secured it in their driveway so it was one less thing to deal with given the circumstances.

We wish to extend our condolences to the family and let them know that they should be very proud of their loved one for ensuring her grandchild was safe and secure in what she likely knew was a dire situation. You are in our thoughts.