Project NoiseMaker returns to a street near you – Hear it. See it. Report it.

Posted On Friday May 13, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Friday, May 13, 2022   12:30 pm 

(Ottawa) — The 3rd edition of Project NoiseMaker began this month in response to community complaints, to reduce the number of collisions, injuries and deaths on our city streets.

The Ottawa Police traffic safety initiative acts as a reminder to drivers that Ottawa streets are not meant to be treated as anyone’s personal racetrack. Did you know that officers stop an average of 10 stunt drivers each week? 

A stunt driving charge is laid when a driver or rider is going 40km/h or more over the limit on roads with a posted speed limit less than 80 km/h and driving 50 km/h or more over the posted limit. They face a significant fine (up to $10,000), a 14-day vehicle seizure a 30-day driving suspension and a court date.

The total of Stunt driving charges doubled during the 2021 edition of NoiseMaker - from 78 in 2020 to 157 in 2021. Last year alone, Ottawa Police laid close to 1200 Speeding and 175 Improper muffler/excessive noise related fines.

Not only does Stunt driving put all road users at risk, especially pedestrians and cyclists, it generates noise that prevents residents from enjoying their community. That’s why in 2022, the Ottawa Police Service is implementing a new approach towards Stunt driving. The Hear it. See it. Report it. initiative gives residents a new option to help police combat the chronic speeding, Stunting and noisemaking to police that previously had to be linked to a specific incident.

This information will be used by Traffic officers to follow up with drivers who regularly disregard posted speed limits to show them how their actions are reckless and dangerous in order to change their behaviour. The information also enables officers to strategically deploy to locations at times where data analysis shows the greatest opportunity for safety improvement through enforcement. 

Dangerous driving that represents an immediate danger to public safety should be reported to 911.  Traffic safety complaints can be made online. 

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