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Our Vision: 

A trusted partner in community safety.

Our Mission:

The Ottawa Police Service is committed to protect the safety and security of our communities.

Our Values:

Honour Courage Service

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 Our Community Policing Philosophy:

  • To move in the direction of implementing a problem-oriented policing organization.
  • To move as rapidly as possible to include the community as an active partner in problem-solving and prevention.
  • To re-assess the current community-based activities of the Ottawa Police, and to retain only those which advance progress in the achievement of the above priorities.

Our Ethics Program

We are committed to having a highly ethical police service, to obtain public trust and maintain public confidence that we are an honourable, courageous and service-oriented police service. More on our Ethics Program.

Our Employee Services

In an ongoing effort to ensure our members have quick access to information on the types of internal resources and supports available, we provide comprehensive health and safety programs which promote and enhance the physical and mental health and well-being of members and their families. It's also part of our organization's values of providing our members with the supports necessary to do their job.

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The Ottawa Police Services Board also publishes Police Commendations in their meeting agendas. You can find the agendas on the City of Ottawa website.