International Snowmobile Safety Week - January 16-24, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, January 19, 2016      4:40 pm   

(Ottawa) - The Ottawa Police Service, Safer Roads Ottawa and Ottawa Fire Services invite all snowmobile users and enthusiasts to promote and celebrate snowmobile safety during the International Snowmobile Safety Week running from January 16-24, 2016.

"While this is a popular outdoor winter activity, it still brings certain dangers where safety may be compromised or collisions occur," said Acting Staff Sgt. Marc-André Sheehy, of the Ottawa Police Marine Dive Trail Unit (MDT). "Three issues that continue to be a factor in snowmobile-related incidents are: impaired driving, speed, and driving off trails."

The Ottawa Police Marine Dive Trail Unit and Ottawa Fire Services Water & Ice Rescue Team invite you to look at snowmobile safety tips.

Here are some quick tips before you head out:

  • Inform others of your destination and estimated arrival time;
  • Inspect your snowmobile for mechanical integrity;
  • Wear suitable clothing to prevent hypothermia - remember that children are particularly susceptible to the cold;
  • Carry first aid and survival kits;
  • Have all permits/documents on hand; and
  • Plan your route and make sure you have ample fuel for your planned route and extra.

The Ottawa Police Service, Safer Roads Ottawa and the Ottawa Fire Services remind snowmobilers of the importance of making smart choices, like riding sober, avoiding lakes and rivers, and using established snowmobile trails.

The Safer Roads Ottawa Program is a leading community partnership between Ottawa Fire Services, Ottawa Paramedic Service, Ottawa Police Service, Ottawa Public Health and the Public Works Department, and is committed to preventing or eliminating road deaths and serious injuries for all people in the City of Ottawa, through culture change, community engagement, and development of a sustainable safe transportation environment.


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