Adoptions do not meet the legal requirements for vulnerable sector checks; however, the Criminal Record Act has a different process that allows the RCMP's Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services (CCRTIS) to determine if adoptive parents have record suspensions for sex offences. The RCMP's CCRTIS encourages police agencies to conduct fingerprint based criminal record checks for all applications related to adoptions to ensure that they are screened for record suspensions for sex offences.

Adoptions require the following components:

  1. List of Police Occurrences for your last five (5) years of address history;
  2. Fingerprints taken by the Ottawa Police Service.

The Children's Aid Society and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services request that individuals applying to adopt a child, obtain a list of Police Occurrences that you have been involved in, or a letter indicating that there has been no Police contact for the past five (5) years.

If you have lived outside the Ottawa/Gatineau-Hull jurisdiction within the last five (5) years, please contact the Police agency responsible for that jurisdiction in order to receive instructions on how to obtain a list of Police Occurrences through their Record services.

Fingerprint submissions are required for all adoption requests and are submitted to the RCMP by the Ottawa Police. The RCMP then conducts the appropriate database searches. These searches include pardoned sex offences and record suspensions for each applicant.

Fingerprinting Fees

Fingerprinting for Vulnerable Sector/Adoptions Only
*In addition to other Vulnerable Sector Check/Adoption fees ($67), if applicable.

  • No charge if a Volunteer (With Letter on Letterhead from Sponsoring Organization outlining Volunteer Capacity at the time of request) (Ottawa residents only)
  • $51 For Employment/Other Reasons (Ottawa residents only)
  • Adoptions: $51 (Ottawa residents only)

Accepted methods of payment are: Cash, Debit, Certified Cheque, Money Order, Visa, MasterCard, or Amex.

Where to apply

To schedule an in person appointment to complete your Fingerprints for Adoption at 2670 Queensview Drive, please email the Background Clearance Section at At this location, you will require:

  1. A List of Police Occurrences for your last five (5) years of address history;
  2. Having your fingerprints taken by the Ottawa Police Service.

What should you bring?

Two (2) pieces of valid identification

How long does my Adoption application take to be completed?

  • It may take up to ten (10) business days for your list of Police Occurrences to be completed.
  • Additionally, there may also be a delay in the receipt of the fingerprint results from the RCMP.
  • Once the fingerprint results have been received from the RCMP, the Background Clearance Section will notify you that your Adoption application has been completed.

The Ottawa Police Service no longer offers Criminal Record Checks for Adoptions.