Arson Unit

The Arson Unit investigates about 200-250 fires each year in addition to reviewing about 250 more fires classified either as “Undetermined” or “Non Arson” (Accidental). The Arson Unit also investigates the origin and cause of both structure and vehicle fires.

Arson is not a victimless crime!

The Arson Unit is a unique section in that it works in partnership with its primary partner, the Ottawa Fire Service.

Smoking car on side of road destroyed by arsonOnce the Fire Investigators determine that the fire is suspicious the investigation becomes the responsibility of the Ottawa Police Arson Unit. Depending on the scope of the investigation the Arson Unit will work in conjunction with both investigators from the Ottawa Fire Service as well as the Office of the Fire Marshal, the provincial body responsible for fire investigation. The Ottawa Police is at the forefront in this field of criminal investigation.