Collision Investigation Unit

The Ottawa Police Collision Investigation Unit is responsible for investigating all fatal and serious life threatening motor vehicle collisions.  They also assist the Major Crime Unit (which includes Homicide, Robbery, Sexual Assault etc..) and the Forensic Identification Section to create scale diagrams for outdoor crime scenes, utilizing a Total Station and other measuring techniques.  Their other responsibilities include investigating hit and run/ fail to remain collisions.

Some of the techniques used by the Collision Investigators include:

  • Measuring tire marks and coefficients of friction to calculate the speed of the involved vehicles
  • Downloading the Event Data Recorder information that monitors the air bag system
  • Time/distance/velocity calculations
  • Using momentum formulas to determine vehicle velocities and angles
  • Fall and vault calculations
  • Pedestrian throw distances to determine the velocity of the vehicle
  • Provide expert testimony in court.

If you have questions related to motor vehicle collisions and the related legislation under the Provincial Offences Act and the Criminal Code of Canada, contact the Collision Investigation Unit by phone at 613-236-1222, ext. 2481 between 7 am - 11 pm, Monday to Friday.