Ceremonial Guard

The Ottawa Police Service Ceremonial guard Unit takes pride in representing the many hard working men and women of the Ottawa Police Service whether it is in our own community, across the country, or at the international level.

Ceremonial Guard

Canadian Police and Peace Officers Memorial - Officers holding flags Since 1980, the Ceremonial Guard Unit has been a dedicated group of Ottawa Police Service members who holds a true appreciation of the importance of promoting and maintaining a positive image of the Ottawa Police Service within the community. The Guard values include professionalism, pride, and respect.

The Ceremonial Guard members are selected based upon the following criteria;

  • Personal dress, deportment and overall appearance
  • Knowledge, skills and abilities at formal drill
  • Teamwork, positive attitude and their commitment to the team

The Ceremonial Guards have been providing a formal police presence to many of the events within our community throughout the year. They can also be seen marching for delegates at conferences, new recruits at swearing-in ceremonies, and a wide range of community events as well as funeral services for Fallen Officers across the country.

Three Strohm Sister Gala - Officers standing together in uniformThe Ceremonial Guard Unit attends events where there is a need for protocol and honour enhancement. This includes:

  • Police and Peace Officer Memorial (National and International);
  • Remembrance Day Parade;
  • Three Strohm Sister Gala;
  • High profile City and community events (Key to the City, Order of Ottawa);
  • Police officer funerals and memorials;
  • Dignitary Escorts; and,
  • High profile OPS functions (Graduations, OPS Gala, Awards, Reunion Diner).

ceremonial guard volunteers standing together in uniformThe Ceremonial Guard Unit is a volunteer unit that represents the Ottawa Police Service often in conjunction with the Pipe and Drum band.  No special pay or official compensation is given to members for participating in these events. The Ceremonial Guard Unit also works in conjunction with other City ceremonial unit partners such as DND, Ottawa Fire and Ottawa Paramedics.

If you would like to request the Ceremonial Guard Unit's presence, please contact ceremonialguard@ottawapolice.ca.

*Please note that attendance is based on staffing availability.