Computer Forensics Unit

Report online child exploitation to cybertip.caThe Computer Forensics Unit investigates high tech incidents such as the distribution of child pornography (sometimes related to sexting), hacking and some network intrusions (viruses but not fraud). They also provide support to all sections and units within the Ottawa Police by:

  • Analyzing forensic data on computers and cell phones;
  • Providing expert technical assistance;
  • Executing search warrants;Member of Computer Forensics Unit retrieving evidence from a cellphone.
  • Assisting in the investigation of cyber bullying, online threats of violence or suicide;
  • Tracing emails;
  • Identifying IP addresses;
  • Recovering stolen property; and
  • Providing education to the public and High Tech sectors.

The widespread and sometimes anonymous nature of the Internet creates complex jurisdictional issues. Generally, the police service where the offence has occurred (whether it is in another city or even another country) has the responsibility to investigate.