fentanyl online adIllegal drugs and their trade take a heavy toll on our communities whether through associated crime, drug dependency or violence.

The Ottawa Police Drug Unit enforces the provisions of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and other federal statutes. The Unit's mandate is to investigate drug offences that can range from street level drug trafficking to large scale investigations targeting Organized Crime groups responsible for the production/manufacturing, importation and distribution of large quantities of drugs in the City of Ottawa. The Drug Unit objectives are designed to educate and promote public awareness of the safety and health concerns that arise from the drug trade.


  • Investigation and laying of charges for trafficking, possession for the purpose of trafficking, production of controlled substances and proceeds of crime offences.
  • The preparation and execution of search warrants.
  • Undercover operations.
  • Investigate clandestine indoor and outdoor marihuana grow operations.
  • Joint multi-jurisdictional Organized Crime investigations.

The Ottawa Police Drug Unit strives to establish and maintain productive relationships with other Law Enforcement agencies including other Municipal Services, OPP, RCMP and Canada Border Services Agency. The OPS Drug Unit also works very closely with numerous community stakeholders to identify drug trends and networks to effectively combat the illicit sale and diversion of prescription medication and precursors used in the production of synthetic drugs.


Cannabis laws and regulations