Imaging Services

Imaging Services is responsible for all visual evidence handled by the Ottawa Police Service, including still and video imagery used during criminal investigations.

Members of the Imaging Services Unit looking at computers

Responsible for a wide range of products and services with respect to Forensic Media Analysis and Visual Content Strategy, Imaging Services consists of five civilian members: two Forensic Media Examiners, two Visual Content Specialists and one Manager and fall under the Criminal Investigative Directorate.

Forensic Media Examiners are responsible for the collection, analysis and examination of digital evidence. This evidence ranges from cell phone video, CCTV, 3D models, photographs of fingerprints and audio recordings.

With their analysis, Forensic Media Examiners provide expert witness testimony on many trials, including homicides.

They also work closely with lead investigators and crown attorneys to determine methods of best
demonstrating visual evidence in court.

Collecting evidence from a crime scene


Photographing from the police air unit

Experienced in film production, web/print graphic design and commercial photography, Visual Content Specialists work closely with many of the unique sections within the Ottawa Police to produce various visual creative materials and strategies. These materials include recruitment branding, training aids, promotional material, and public service announcements.

Visual Content Specialists are also certified by the Ontario Police College in adult education and provide training in forensic and covert visual evidence gathering.

Imaging team member teaching an officer how to take photographic evidence


Whether providing assistance to a major investigation, creating engaging multimedia, providing photography training to frontline members or in the preservation of the organization's visual history - our talented Imaging Services team is always there to assist the organization.


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