Level 1 - Criminal Record Check

This check is intended for applicants who are involved as a volunteer, employee or in any situation where a basic CRC is requested (e.g., retail or immigration). This check is NOT intended for applicants who are seeking volunteer and/or employment with vulnerable persons. 

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Information included in the Criminal Record check

  1. Criminal convictions from CPIC and/or local databases.
  2. Summary convictions, for five years, when identified.
  3. Findings of Guilt under the Youth Criminal Justice Act within the applicable disclosure period.

Information not included in the Criminal Record Check

  1. Outstanding entries, such as charges and warrants.

  2. Absolute and conditional discharges.

  3. Current judicial orders, including Peace Bonds, Probation and Prohibition orders under the Criminal Code of Canada.

  4. Convictions where a record suspension has been granted.

  5. Convictions under provincial statutes.

  6. Local police contact.

  7. Ministry of Transportation information (PARIS).

  8. Special Interest Police (SIP) category of CPIC.

  9. Family Court Restraining Orders.

  10. Foreign information.

  11. A Vulnerable Sector (VS) Query to ascertain if the applicant has been convicted of and granted a record suspension for any of the sexual offences that are listed in the schedule to the Criminal Record Act (CRA).

  12. Any reference to incidents involving mental health contact.

  13. Diversions will not be released as police contact and no reference to the occurrence is permitted (CC S. 717.4).

  14. Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) information beyond applicable disclosure period.

  15. Law Enforcement & Record (Managers) Network 10

  16. Any reference to contagious diseases.

  17. Dispositions including, but not limited to, Withdrawn, Dismissed, and cases of Not Criminally Responsible by Reason of Mental Disorder.

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Please Note

Volunteers may possess a letter from the volunteer organization on official company letterhead stating that you are seeking a Record Check for the purposes of volunteering at the time of submission. This will waive a portion of the fee.

The Ottawa Police does not offer Fingerprinting Services for this type of Record Check.

If you require a list of your convictions, you will be advised to attend a private fingerprinting agency.