OPS Memorial Cemetery

Beechwood cemetery

The cemetery provides us with an opportunity to publically display the pride that we all share in our organization, as well as providing a central spot for all of our families to be buried and visited in the years ahead.

The Cemetery: Beachwood Funeral, Cemetery and Cremation Services

  • Celebrates over 150 years of policing
  • Recognizes members and their families for their commitment to our community
  • Honours members and their families for their community work through policing
  • Fosters community partnerships
  • Celebrates pride in policing

The Beechwood Cemetery was established in 1873, consisting of 160 acres of land. It is the resting place for many prominent Canadians. In 2002, the cemetery was designated as a National Historic Cemetery, one of only four in the country. This prestigious cemetery was later selected to develop the first ever National Military Cemetery in 2001. The following year, the RCMP Cemetery was developed. Our goal is to develop land similarly to the RCMP cemetery, where pride, respect, honour will be the central theme.

Beechwood Cemetery is a nondenominational cemetery, and multicultural in all aspects of the services offered. In 2001, the cemetery was established as a “non-profit” charitable foundation.

All serving and past members (sworn and civilian) of the Ottawa Police Service are eligible for burial at the cemetery. This also includes all immediate family members, including children, aunts, and uncles, etc.

For more information, please contact Manon Bourbeau, Ottawa Police Memorial Cemetery Liaison, at 613-696-0106, or visit the BeachWood Cemetery website.

Our Sponsors

Without the support of our sponsors, this cemetery would not be possible

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The OPS Memorial Cemetery is a joint partnership between Beechwood National Cemetery, the Ottawa Police Association, the Ottawa Police Senior Officers’ Association and the Ottawa Police Service.

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