Officers Killed on Duty

The job of a police officer is one that demands a one-hundred-and-ten percent effort, one-hundred percent of the time. But for some officers, the contributions made in the line of duty are im measurable. Here, we honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice while working to keep Ottawa's streets safe.

If you have any questions or comments for the Ottawa Police about officers killed in the line of duty, please email us.

In 2009, this child held a sign as police officers walk in a funeral procession for Cst. Eric Czapnik of the Ottawa Police Service. The sign read: Thank you for being brave.


Prior to Ottawa's amalgamation in 1995, the boundaries of Ottawa Police's jurisdiction were different. After 1995, Ottawa Police acquired jurisdictions that were previously under the O.P.P and other services. The list of fallen officers below, denotes officers who have died in the line of duty in what is Ottawa Police's jurisdiction today. Read more about their stories.


Cst. Eric CzapnikCst. David UtmanCst. Russell O'ConnorCst. Kenneth Swett

Cst. Ireneusz 'Eric' Czapnik
May 26,1958- Dec. 29,2009

Cst.David Utman
Aug 11, 1945 -Oct 14, 1983

Cst.Russell O'Connor
April 18,1942 -Sept 7, 1983

Cst.Kenneth Swett
Mar 8,1951 -July 17, 1981

Cst. David KirkwoodSgt. David TuckeyCst. Robert MakiCst. Jeffrey Armstrong
Cst.David Kirkwood
Oct 26, 1955 -July 11, 1977
 Sgt. David Tuckey
Mar 29, 1933 -Jan 21, 1970
 Cst. Robert Maki
Aug 22,1935-April 4, 1966
 Cst. Jeffrey Armstrong
Jan 11,1940-May 13, 1963
Detective Thomas StonemanCst. Harold DentCst. John MontgomeryCst. Miles Campbell
 Det. Thomas Stoneman
Feb 18,1908- Oct 29, 1945
 Cst. Harold Dent
Mar 2,1903 -June 20, 1940
Cst.John Montgomery
Feb 20,1908 -July 31, 1931
 Cst. Miles Campbell
June 14,1899 -June 9, 1929
Cst. George ConstantineauCst. Hiram O'Callaghan
 Cst. George Constantineau
Aug 14, 1915 - Nov 17, 1954
 Cst. Hiram O'Callaghan
April 8, 1884 - Jan 12, 1928


















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