Police Reporting Unit Selection Process

There is a six stage selection process to be hired as a Police Reporting Unit Agent with the Ottawa Police Service.

Stage 1 - Application:

Resumes are to be submitted online via on the Ottawa Police website. For further details on these options, please go to the “Join Us - We're Recruiting!” section.

All resumes and applications will be reviewed and only successful applicants who meet the job requirements will move on to Stage 2 of the hiring process.

Stage 2 - Off Site Language Testing

Applicants who are successful in the first three stages will be provided instructions for booking language testing with an approved contracted agency.

  • Applicants are to contact the approved agency to arrange a testing appointment.

  • Applicants are required to pay, in full, all costs associated with language testing.

  • A pre-screen series of questions will determine second language to be tested.

French testing consists of Oral expression and comprehension, Reading & Written which costs approximately $152+HST (Oral expression and comprehension, Reading = $127; Written = $25).

  • Successful applicants will achieve Advanced 2 Level for French tests (Comprehension, Expression, Reading)

  • Successful applicants will achieve Intermediate Level 3 for French tests (Written)

Stage 3 - CRITICALL Testing

CRITICALL is a series of computer-based tests designed to test candidates’ typing, memory, cognitive and decision-making abilities. Candidates must pass with a 65% score or more to be invited to the next step.

Stage 4 - Practical testing

Photo ID is mandatory.

Once you successfully pass the language testing, you will be invited to do a Practical Testing. Candidates must pass with a 65% score or more to be invited for an Interview.

Stage 5 - Interview

Photo ID is mandatory.Applicants will undergo a Behavioral Based Interview.

What is a Behavioral Event Interview?

The premise behind a behavioral event interview is that an individual's past behavior is the best indicator of their future behavior in similar circumstances. Candidates will be required to respond to questions based on life experiences.

Interview questions are typically based on the six Police Reporting Unit Agent competencies which have been identified for the position of Police Reporting Unit Agent. An example of this would be to describe a specific past experience that they were involved in that will demonstrate the particular competency.

Sample question: Can you tell us of a time when you were tasked with a project which had a strict dead line? Explain how you worked through the project. How did you manage your time? Were you successful in meeting the deadline?


The following six (6) competencies may be rated during the job interview. A definition for each competency has been provided to assist you.

  • COMMUNICATION: Affectively receives and conveys ideas and information, both verbally and in writing.
  • TEAMWORK: Understands what teamwork means. Achieves common goals by working cooperatively with others and contributing to of developing a positive work environment.
  • ADAPTABILITY: Recognizing the need for change, adapting to required change for example by making changes to existing work processes and procedures. Working comfortably with diverse individuals and groups in a variety of situations.
  • SERVICE ORIENTATION: Commitment to helping and serving others.
  • NETWORKING AND RELATIONSHIP BUILDING: Builds and maintains effective and constructive working relationships, partnerships or networks of internal and external contacts.
  • PROBLEM SOLVING: Identifies problems, creates and implements new or viable solutions to problems, situations or work processes.

Stage 6 - Background/Criminal Checks

All successful applicants to this stage will undergo full Background history and Criminal Background checks. Applicants must have completed (in-full) and provide all relevant forms once you are asked for them. You may print off a copy of these forms from the Ottawa Police website. Providing false information is an automatic disqualifier.

The investigation concentrates on, but is not limited to, previous employment, education, neighborhood inquiries, friends and associates, character references, personal finances and criminal activities.

Final Selection Review

All of the information collected from the various stages of the selection process is reviewed and compared to the selection criteria. An offer of employment may be made to qualified applicants.

The successful completion of any stage of this process does not guarantee employment

All successful candidates will be kept on file for a maximum period of 6-months for future consideration.

Stage 7 - Offer of Employment

Successful applicants will be provided a written Offer of Employment that they will accept or decline.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Ottawa Police Service values a diverse work force. It is the policy of Ottawa Police Service to provide equal employment opportunities for all employees and applicants for employment meeting bona fide occupational qualifications, regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.

The Ottawa Police Service readily acknowledges that a diverse population is best served by a similar diversity of police and civilian membership.