Professional Standards Section

The Police Services Act establishes a partnership between the Ottawa Police Service, the Police Services Board, members of the public, and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC). The emphasis of the "Complaints" portion of the Act is to resolve complaints including damage or loss of property due to police actions, in a timely, professional, and where possible in an informal manner.

  • The Professional Standards Section investigates and facilitates the resolution of complaints in an impartial and professional manner.
  • We believe that all people have the right to be treated in a courteous and professional manner.
  • We will conduct our investigations with fairness and impartiality.
  • We believe our investigations must be completed in a timely fashion with thoroughness and consistency.


The Professional Standards Section has a mandate to investigate:

  1. conduct complaints filed pursuant to Part V of the Police Services Act,
  2. complaints about the Service provided by the Ottawa Police Service,
  3. complaints about the policies of the Police Service,
  4. discharges of firearms - Regulation 926, Section 12 Police Services Act,
  5. conduct parallel investigations into matters referred to the Special Investigations Unit dealing with service of and/or the Policies of the Police Service and the conduct of police officers,
  6. complaints and serious discipline issues concerning non-sworn members,
  7. analyze Public Complaints to identify training issues and recommend remedial action,
  8. interact with members of the public providing them with information on the role of the Professional Standards Section as it relates to the complaints process,
  9. any other duties as may be directed by the Chief of Police.

Policing is both very important and sometimes difficult. We are anxious to know how we're doing our job, and how our efforts are perceived by the community. Send a compliment by email or see below, how to process a complaint:

Complaints Process:

The Office of the Independent Police Review (OIPRD) is an independent arms-length agency of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. The OIPRD provides an objective, impartial office to accept, process and oversee the investigation of public complaints against Ontario's police. Complaint forms are available at the OIPRD and on their website, all Service Ontario locations, all police stations and in many community centres and legal clinics.

For further information on the new process, you may contact the OIPRD using the following:

Toll-free phone:  1-877-411-4773
Local phone:  416-246-7071
TTY:  1-877-414-4773
Toll-free fax:  1-877-415-4773
Local fax:  416-327-8332

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