The Ottawa Police Robbery Unit has a dedicated mandate to investigate various types of robberies.

A robbery is generally defined as: any theft or attempted theft where violence is used or the threat of violence is implied.

For information about break-ins, commonly mistaken for robbery, please refer to the Break and Enter Unit page .

The types of events we investigate include:

  • Financial Institutions (e.g. banks) and armored car robberies;
  • Retail robberies (e.g convenience stores);
  • Home invasions where the motive is robbery related;
  • Extortions where the motive is robbery related; and
  • Personal robberies and swarmings.*

*A personal robbery occurs when there is only one suspect while a swarming implies at least two suspects being involved in robbing someone.

As well as investigating these events, the Robbery Unit works proactively with members of our community to offer preventative tips and suggestions for lessening the chances of becoming a victim of a robbery.

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