Special Events Section

The Special Events section identifies and assesses major events, demonstrations marches, parades and other special events that may involve a police presence or potential police response.

This section encompasses three units under the event planning umbrella

The Special Events section is a member of the Special Events Advisory Team (SEAT).  If you are planning an event within the city of Ottawa, your initial planning stages should include an application to Event Central at the City of Ottawa.

Event Central

  • assists in the coordination of all city services involved with special events;
  • acts as a first point of contact and one-stop shop for organizers of events in the nation's capital;Police watching crowd at Canada Day
  • provides assistance in facilitating permit approvals and coordinating meetings with relevant City officials and other levels of government;
  • coordinates emergency preparedness for events, schedules events so that they do not conflict with similar ones, and communicates with internal and external stakeholders in advance regarding the event's possible impact; and
  • works with the Special Special Event Escort ServiceEvents Advisory Team to ensure that special events in Ottawa are successful, safe, and contribute positively to the city and its residents.

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Labour Relations

The Ottawa Police Service is committed to providing an unbiased approach to the preservation of peace and the prevention of crime at any labour dispute.

In the event an employer or union anticipates a labour disruption, the Labour Relations Office may be contacted to arrange for a presentation to provide information on police roles, responsibilities and response to incidents.

The Labour Relations Sergeant will also maintain unbiased contact with union and management throughout any strike to ensure that police related issues can be minimized.

Contact the Labour Relations Section at (613) 236-1222, extension 2487.