Traffic Plan

 Police officer sitting in vehicle watching traffic

Ottawa Police Service Traffic Plan

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) Traffic Plan has been developed to improve road, trail and waterway safety within the city of Ottawa. The philosophy is to promote this safety through intelligence-led, evidence-based, proactive enforcement, coupled with education and community partners. It is aligned with the national and provincial traffic safety goals and with the City's Safer Roads Ottawa (SRO) program, titled "Towards Zero."

Police officer talking to person in vehicle, text reading "read the Ottawa Police Service's Traffic Plan"

The plan is intended to raise awareness of traffic safety as a serious issue, to educate road users on the rules of the road, encourage compliance, and actively engage hard-to-reach audiences in order to contribute to a reduction of injuries and fatalities. At the same time, each element is designed to be flexible enough to support legislation, enforcement, regional initiatives and emerging challenges as they arise.

 Achieving road, trail and waterway safety is a coordinated responsibility and the collaboration of all stakeholders is critical to its success. Community partners include Safer Roads Ottawa (SRO), Special Events Advisory Team (SEAT) and the Traffic Incident Management Group (TIMG). The OPS maintains a network of communication between many groups including the National Capital Heavy Construction Association, in conjunction with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO); all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and snowmobile trails; boats and waterways (Transport Canada, Parks Canada and Ontario Snowmobile Association) and vulnerable road users, including bicycles and pedestrian groups.

The ultimate goal of the Traffic Plan is the reduction of collisions involving fatalities and injuries for all road users.


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