Youth Intervention and Diversion

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) Youth Section provides consultation, support, and training to both police members and the community for youth at risk. We facilitate referrals of youth at risk to youth services agencies, support early intervention for identified youth, and work closely with various organizations including the Children's Aid Society (CAS) who provide advice/expertise on CAS related matters.

Our School Resource Program is coordinated centrally out of the Youth Intervention and Diversion Unit. The purpose of the SRO Program is to liaise with schools within the four public school boards, as well as private schools, in the City of Ottawa.

School Resource Officers work on building healthy and trusting relationships with children of all ages and backgrounds by becoming a familiar presence in their school experiences. 

Ottawa Police Service School Resource Officer Program

Every school in the City of Ottawa is currently assigned a specific School Resource Officer (SRO) as their personal police contact. The role of the SRO is to provide support to their assigned school which includes students, parents, school staff, and administrator's use of the Safe Schools Act . 

SROs respond to calls for incidents occurring in schools during school hours as well as incidents that may occur when students are on their way to/from school. They also provide law and safety related information, guidance and assist in resolving conflict by a verbal caution, counseling, mediation, diversion to an Intervention program, or a charge. Schools may also request an SRO make contact with a parent in need of help for issues that are occurring in the family home. The SRO may then provide support and reassurance to that family and help them get the assistance they require. Ottawa Police Officer speaking to children in a classroom.

If you have any questions or would like any further information about the Youth Section, please contact us or contact your child's school and ask for the name of your School Resource Officer.




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