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The Ottawa Police understands that community development is a collective long term process. It is designed to establish trusting relationships, build capacity and sustainable partnership. It is based on connecting, consulting and collaborating with internal members and sections, community members and organizations, and community leaders for the advancement; betterment, empowerment, and enhancement of community and public safety. It is accomplished by identifying and mobilizing community assets, and by initiating the engagement activities. Furthermore, it is sustained by seeking commitment from internal and external stakeholders to create processes for mobilizing the community.

The Mandate of the Community Development Section (CDS) is:

  • To develop sustainable partnerships and engagement strategies within the community;
  • To work with communities, agencies and members of the organization to identify problems, opportunities and potential solutions.
  • To promote trust and confidence in policing by expanding and enhancing educational opportunities related to community policing.

Core Functions

Partnership In Action (PIA) 

The Ottawa Police Service framework for public consultation and wider community engagement. PIA is more than a traditional consultative approach because it aims to identify and build upon community involvement and engagement within policing. Furthermore, it is intended to develop, enhance and maintain strategic partnerships

Community Policing Development

The process by which police and other community members, partner to improve community wellbeing, safety and security through joint problem identification, analysis, response and evaluation. CDS provides ongoing support for OPS Community Police Centres in the areas of community engagement and mobilization, such as the coordination and management of the annual police week.

Community Engagement and Mobilization

Based on community support for whatever the process is trying to achieve. As such CDS provide support for actions and initiatives that police officers take to motivate and support community partners to deal more effectively with the root causes of crime and insecurity in their neighbourhoods. CDS provides expertise and support for Police actions that encourage participation of community members, building capacity, and increasing safety, security and well-being.

Community Policing Forum

We hosted our first Community Policing Forum

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Police and Community Mind Map