Imaging Services

ISU photographer taking aerial photos from the OPS airplane


A member of the Imaging Services Unit.

The Imaging Services Unit (ISU) is a part of the Forensic Identification Unit and is responsible for all the visual evidence handled by the Ottawa Police Service including still and video imagery used for criminal investigations.

The ISU operates a fully equipped studio and lab complete with leading edge photographic equipment, imaging workstations, large format photographic printers and digital press. The Unit sets the imaging standards for the organization, preserves the integrity of imagery, and ensures proper disclosure to the court. Imaging specialists analyze, enhance and convert imagery while maintaining the validity of the evidence.

In addition, imaging standards are executed by the organization A member of Imaging Services taking photos at the Ottawa Police Gala.through the ISU's research, implementation of image capture systems and by training officers in photographic technique. The ISU photographers and cinematographers also document OPS events through video and still imagery.

The ISU plays an important Members of the Imaging Services Unit.role, working with other sections and units to establish the visual identity of the Ottawa Police and preserve the visual history of the organization.
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