K9 West Facility Dog

K9 WestThe Victim Crisis unit is fortunate to have K9 West as a member of the unit. West is a trained accredited facility dog who is part of our canine assisted intervention program (CAI). Trained by National Service Dogs,  K9 West is a member of the Ottawa Police Service whose sole mission is to help support victims and witnesses of crime and trauma.  CAI dogs enhance the quality of support provided to those who have witnessed or been victimized by crime and or trauma. West was chosen to be part of the CAI Program and was specifically selected for the Ottawa Police due to his tranquil demeanor and ability to remain calm. 

K9 West provides support to victims, witnesses and Ottawa Police Service members in the following ways:

  • act as a tool for those who struggle to communicate,
  • provide a healthy and positive distraction to upsetting matters
  • provide the physical comfort of a cathartic touch that a victim may need
  • reduce the blood pressure of victims and witnesses
  • provide an overall calming influence to those who may be highly agitated or highly emotional
  • act as a goodwill ambassador for the Ottawa Police Service.

Situations that K9 West has been utilized to support victims, witnesses and members of the Ottawa Police service

  • child interviews for sexual or physical abuse;
  • assisting child witnesses to traumatic events;
  • domestic violence victim interviews;
  • assisting victims of elder abuse;
  • assisting victims encountered by the Vulnerable Sector Unit;
  • assisting witnesses to traumatic events, including in homicide and sudden death investigations;
  • critical incident stress debriefings;
  • police ambassador at various community events…

K9 West is here to support you when you need to speak to the police or a crisis counselor. Follow him on Twitter @k9west3 and Instagram @K9_West. For more information about K9West and how you can request him for support during an interview please contact the Victim Crisis Unit at 613-236-1222 ext 2223 or email victimcrisisunitintake@ottawapolice.ca.