Partner Assault



The Partner Assault Section serves the community by:

  • investigating partner assaults and domestic conflict; (see statistics as of March 2, 2016)
  • investigating custody and access orders, as well as parental abductions; and
  • conducting criminal harassment investigations relating to partner abuse.

"Everyone deserves to be safe and we each have a role in ending violence against women and men in our community. We need to work together to report all incidents of partner assault as well as provide people the tools to prevent incidents, such as recognizing the warning signs in advance." -Charles Bordeleau, Chief of Police.

Neighbours, Friends and Families

Are you experiencing abuse by your partner, but aren't sure how to protect yourself or how to leave?

The Neighbours, Friends and Families Campaign is working to change the way people think about and respond to women abuse.

Visit Neighbours, Friends and Families for more information on how to identify and help women at risk of abuse.

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