Safer Roads Ottawa

The Ottawa Police Service is proud to be part of the Safer Roads Ottawa Program and is a leading partnership between the City of Ottawa, Fire Services, Paramedic Service, Public Health and Public Works Department.

The program aims to:

  • Reduce collisions on Ottawa's roads

    Members of the Safer Roads Ottawa Program standing next to a traffic sign that reads "kids back at school"

  • Raise public awareness of road safety issues.
  • Integrate the work of City departments responsible for road safety.
  • Improve communication, cooperation and collaboration among road safety agencies.

The program is based on a "4E" approach: Engineering, Education, Enforcement and Emergency Response.

It also relies on the assistance of other City departments and road safety agencies, in addition to the work done by its external road safety partners.

Ottawa's Selective Traffic Enforcement Program ( STEP )

STEP is implemented under the banner of Safer Roads Ottawa.  Each month, two traffic safety priorities (themes) are highlighted for additional enforcement.   In terms of timing of specific themes, consideration is given to the following:

  • Annual national / provincial campaigns
  • Seasonal road safety topics  (e.g.. impaired driving in December and school bus / school zone traffic safety in September and March)
  • Dates of Safer Roads Ottawa campaigns and initiatives

2020 Selective Traffic Enforcement Program

2020 Selective Traffic Enforcement Program monthly themes
January Follow too close Stop sign violation
February Unsafe lane changes Red light running
March School bus/school zone safety Impaired driving
April Unsafe vehicles and heavy trucks Cycling safety
May Motorcycle safety Pedestrian safety
June Speeding Construction zones
July Cycling safety Distracted driving
August Pedestrian safety Roundabouts
September School bus/school zone safety Vehicle occupant restraints (includes child car seats)
October Distracted driving Speeding
November Red light running Stop sign violations
December Impaired driving Unsafe lane changes