Calls for Service

In 2018, the OPS received approximately 691,000 calls for service representing a three percent increase from 2017. These calls included Police Reporting Unit communications, calls to switchboard, 911 and other emergency calls.

Of these calls approximately 322,800 were entered into the computer-aided dispatch system (CAD) a three percent increase from 2017. In addition, over 21,000 reports were received online. This translates into a 28 percent increase from the previous year. On-scene police presence was required in approximately 72 percent of all calls entered into CAD. Approximately 4,100 calls were categorized as Priority 1, meaning there was an imminent threat to life; actual or potential danger for bodily injury or death; or crimes in progress or imminent. Police arrived on scene within 15 minutes 94 percent of the time last year.

Calls for Service graphic

Service time refers to the cumulative amount of time (in hours) that officers spend responding to and dealing with calls for service from the public. The service time metric is used for operational planning and the deployment of personnel. In 2018, service time decreased by three percent to 278,400 hours; however, remains above the five year average of 277,600.


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