Outreach and Recruiting


In 2018, the Outreach and Recruitment team attended key events around the city in its efforts to find suitable candidates.

Aug-10    RedBlacks Game
Aug-10    Greekfest
Aug-18    Festival             
Aug-19   TribaGO Day 
              South Asian         
Aug-21   Eid Festival 
Sep-07   Ottawa Fury
             FC Game
Sep-08   SNMC Mosque
             Career Fair
Oct-13    9RunRun
Oct-17    St. Lawrence
              College Career
Oct-18    Eric Czapnik       
Oct-23    Ottawa Sens
Nov-08    Ottawa Sens
Nov-15   Careers in
             Criminology &
             Law Fair
Nov-21   Ottawa University
Nov-22  Algonquin
            College – Perth
            Campus Career
Dec-15  Crossfit NCR

A new approach to recruiting is gaining some positive results.

In July 2018, under the direction of Sergeant Maria Keen, the OPS formally created a new Outreach and Recruiting Team (ORT), that would focus on repopulating the Service as it struggled with an increased demand for service from the city’s residents, and a loss of staffing numbers through attrition.

It was an important change.

Over the next five years, the OPS has been directed to fill 500 sworn positions within its ranks, and the ORT’s mandate was to ensure that those new recruits better-reflected the diversity of the city they served and protected.

Additional special information sessions were set up for female-only, LGBTQ-focused, and in-person visits with racialized community associations, to encourage under-represented members of those groups to apply to become an officer.

ORT members became active on social media, helping to educate the public on what it takes to be a great officer. Some out-of-the-box thinking included a virtual ride-along, Q&A sessions online, as well as other forms of engagement. Other services, from as far away as Tennessee, have inquired about how to do similar engagement initiatives.

Five months after its creation, the ORT has identified just over 500 individuals who might become tomorrow’s officers. Eighty of those identified are currently through the first stages of the hiring process.

Additionally, the ORT has introduced a new mentorship program, where applicants are given one-on-one support from the team on how to apply and prepare for the selection process; making them more competitive and giving them a better chance of success.



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