The partnerships we build with the residents of Ottawa are critical to how we serve and protect. While the role of relationship-building is integral to every aspect of policing, our Community Development Section (CDS) and Diversity and Race Relations Section (DRR), focus the bulk of their efforts on creating inroads with traditionally under-served communities, while reinforcing the importance of our longterm existing partnerships.

By collaborating with community members and associations, our Service is stronger through those insights, and better prepared to respond to any incident of crime that may emerge city-wide.

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Members of the Community Development Section (CDS) are actively engaged in developing relationships and engagement strategies within our many communities across Ottawa in an effort to build trust and confidence.

If these communities have trust in their police, they are more likely to reach out when something goes wrong. These partnerships allow us to improve community well-being, safety and security through joint problem identification, analysis, evaluation and response.

In 2018, the two-person CDS team connected with 16 community stakeholder groups to provide them with self-directed community engagement consultation toolkits which helped to guide them for providing input for the Ottawa Police Services Board (OPSB)/OPS Strategic Plan for 2019-2020. These kits provided stakeholder groups with the necessary tools to host their own sessions. Their feedback gave the OPSB better understanding of residents’ perceptions of safety, crime and disorder; which would help the board in determining priorities over the next few years.

Additionally, CDS hosted four in-person Partnership in Action (PIA) community consultation sessions, in order to engage a dialogue about crime and disorder, the community, improving the quality of service provided by the OPS, identifying strategic priorities, and building trust. It provided a better understanding of the role of both the police and the community in addressing community safety, security and well-being.  

In 2018, CDS participated in 97 separate community engagement activities, ranging from a well-attended Police Week that hosted events across the city, to meeting with more than 150 university and college students to discuss issues like the Diversity Audit and OPS’s Strategic Plan.

CDS also offered support for partner initiatives like the Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership (OLIP) equity group, to assist with developing action plans for equity within organizations across Ottawa.



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The Diversity and Race Relations (DRR) section engages regularly with initiatives, events, networks and organizations and amongst those was the extensive work to support the creation of the new Community Equity Council (CEC).  DRR also leads, assists or participates in a number of activities with our Indigenous, Ethno-Cultural communities to engage new connections, create bi-directional awareness and actions on key issues and assist the OPS with its commitment to overall, safety, confidence and trust.

DRR continued to engage with National Capital PRIDE, and marched in the celebration parade. A total of $1,200.00 was raised for donation to a charity in the LGBT community.

DRR attended over 60 community engagement opportunities and events in 2018. The annual Diversity Celebration featured a live on-site swearing-in of Canadian Citizens by Immigration Canada, presided over by the Hon. George Springate.

The section organized the 2018 Human Rights Learning Forum in December, with the theme of Hate in the Community – Recognize the Signs and Mitigate the Impact. This event brought nearly 200 community partners and police together to hear presentations by Rabbi Reuven Bulka, Crown Attorney Mark D. Moors, and William Evans, the Chief of the Boston Police at the time of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing.  Participants discussed hate-motivated incidents and radicalization, and how these issues impact our diverse society.

Staff Sergeant Dave Zackrias was selected by the U.S. State Department to participate in the International Visitor Leadership Program, sharing OPS best practices in community engagement with several law enforcement agencies in the United States.



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