529 Garage

In May 2019, the OPS introduced its very first Bike Registry program, in partnership with Bike Ottawa and the Ottawa Safety Council, called 529 Garage. The program benefited from the use of an app that would allow users to register their bikes in a police-accessible database, and gave them a 529 Garage shield with a unique serial number to act as both a visual deterrent and verification if the bike was stolen. The 529 Garage app also provided a real-time interactive map that would alert registered users of a bike theft, and help, as a community, locate the missing bicycle. It also provided the OPS’s Evidence Control Section (ECS) the ability to cross-check bikes in the warehouse and reunite them with their owners. At launch, more than 1,200 people signed up to be a part of the program. By the end of 2019, almost 4,000 cyclists in Ottawa had registered, with 23 reported stolen bikes returned to their owners.