Neighbourhood Resource Teams

In the fall of 2019, the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) rolled out the first of its Neighbourhood Resource Teams (NRTs) to key areas in the city that were experiencing higher volume of calls for social disorder and crime. Vanier/Overbrook, Heron Gate/South Ottawa and Carlington/Caldwell became the first neighbourhoods to be assigned a dedicated NRT, that is composed of frontline officers, Community Police Officers (CPOs), School Resource Officers (SROs), and Traffic Service officers.

These NRTs would invest time in those neighbourhoods meeting with community leaders and stakeholders to develop a unique and tailored approach to community policing and public safety in their area. Incorporated into the network would be social services, and City services that helped to provide a broader and universalized approach to issues of criminality and street violence in the neighbourhoods, which helps to develop longterm sustainable solutions.

Officers assigned to NRTs were selected for their personal and professional ability to manage complex crime and socio-economic issues, and each went through specialized training, including conflict mediation, intercultural competency and problem solving. They engaged in training sessions with some of the City’s diverse ethnic groups in order to better-understand the residents they were serving and protecting.

The NRTs are the centrepiece of the OPS’s community policing strategy and align with the Ottawa Police Services Board strategic direction and planning. Investments into NRTs will help to resolve complex policing issues in those communities and will have a ripple effect on public safety city-wide.

The initiative was so successful that in 2020, the OPS announced the expansion of three new NRTs into the Byward Market/Lowertown, Centretown and Bayshore neighbourhoods.