Conducted Energy Weapons

In May 2018, the Ottawa Police Services Board (OPSB) approved an expansion plan to have all sworn police officers issued a Conducted Energy Weapons (CEWs). In 2019 the OPS delivered 22 CEW Operator courses, which brought the total number of officers equipped with CEWs to 806.  

The CEW usage is broken down by method of deployment. The four ways to utilize include:

  1. demonstrated force presence;
  2. drive stun mode; 
  3. probe deployment mode; or
  4. 3 point contact.

In 2019, CEWs were used a total of 203 times, a 12 percent increase over last year. It is important to note that nearly half (47 percent) of the deployments involved using the demonstrated force presence mode. This shows that when the opportunity is there to de-escalate the call using communication, in conjunction with the presence of the CEW, that officers use this method to gain control of the individual. In 2019, out of the total 203 times CEW’s were used, the methods of deployment were: 

  1. Probe deployment
  2. Drive stun
  3. 3 Pt Contact
  4. Demonstrated force presence

CEW Usage 2019

Did you know?

Less than one percent of all calls received by the OPS are resolved using force. In fact, most calls are resolved solely with officer presence and communication. Effective communication and de-escalation continue to be at the foundation of police-public interactions.