Crime Prevention

The OPS continued in its mandate to leverage crime prevention tools and practices as part of its response to reducing incidents of crime in the city.

The following programs are all part of a broad campaign to increase the safety of Ottawa and its communities:

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), which offers a multi-disciplinary approach for reducing crime through urban and environmental design;
  • Crime Free Multi-Housing program, which connects landlords and property owners to reduce illegal and nuisance activity in a neighbourhood; and
  • Neighbourhood Watch program, with 205 engaged neighbourhoods that invites residents to proactively monitor the health and wellness of their communities. In 2019, the Neighbourhood Watch program added five more groups to the program, which is supported by OPS Community Police Officers.

Additional programs like Safe Guard Your Home launched in 2019, supported by OPS’s volunteers after they went through standardize training developed by the province. This program offers home inspections for residents to enhance their safety and utilizes strategies employed by CPTED. More volunteers are expected to be trained in 2020, under the guidance of Constable Matt Hunt.

We continued our successful partnership with Crime Stoppers, which led to 62 arrests in 2019, up from 24 in 2018, and recovered more than $80,000 in stolen property and over $240,000 in seized narcotics.

The Crime Prevention team, led by Sergeant Art Wong, ran a successful Crime Prevention Week in November, partnering with Crime Prevention Ottawa, Crime Stoppers and Ottawa By-Law Services. The weeklong event had our partners and Community Police Officers out at local area malls to raise awareness on how to improve personal safety.