Elder Abuse

Our Elder Abuse Unit (EAU) continued to take a proactive lead in building a robust and responsive service for Ottawa's aging population.  Members of the EAU created specialized training for our Police Reporting Unit to assist them in better-serving this demographic. Often times it will require a specialized approach, used to elicit responses and help investigators.

Externally, the EAU met with community associations and provided information sessions to seniors in order to educate them on what the OPS could provide in terms of enhancing their safety.  EAU created a presentation that was provided to the OPS community officers so that they may assist fulfilling Elder Abuse presentation requests.

Collaboration is key to any type of police work, and our EAU were engaged in monthly meetings with Champlain Health's Elder Abuse Consultation Team.  The EAU are active members on the Ottawa Elder Abuse Response Committee who organizes the annual Ottawa area World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15, with members of the team participating in a walking event at Billings Bridge Mall to raise awareness.  Members also participated in the monthly Law Enforcement Agencies Protecting Seniors meetings, as well as the annual conference which focuses on emerging issues facing police and community partners in response to reported incidents of abuse against vulnerable persons, in particular seniors.

Additionally, the EAU is active in providing wellness checks for seniors and working with volunteers from Busy Fingers, who donate hand-knit blankets to those in need in retirement homes.